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  • An ISO 9001: 2008 CERTIFIED SCHOOL

St. Michael's Sr. Sec. School

Recognized by the Deptt. of Education Delhi vide No. F.Zone-28 (w)/4853-D.D.E (cd) 450 and affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education vide No. CBSE/Affiliated 2730089/Ex-01131-2021/2020-21/

Promotion Criteria


  1. Promotion is decided on the basis of overall performance of the child throughout the year. Hence the importance of regularity and work is emphasized.
  2. The child will only be detained if it is felt that he/she will definitely benefit by repeating the class. The emphasis here is not so much on facts to be stored but on the child's experience and activities as he/she is exposed to the wonderful world God has prepared for him/her to respond to it.
  3. The general criterion for promotion is that the student has grasped the subject matter of his/her present class sufficiently well to follow the subjects in his/her higher class easily.
  4. The following are the specific norms:
    1. 75% of attendance is compulsory for every student for promotion.
    2. Promotion for class 1st to VIIIth a percentage of 40 in the aggregate marks for the year's average must be obatained. For class IX to XII as per CBSE guidelines.
    3. Consistent negligence in any subject will not be condoned. Improvement in the particular subject must be shown before promotion is considered.
    4. Only such pupils who pass in all subjects have a right to be promoted to a higher standard.
    5. Promotions ared decided in a staff meeting and hence the results are final and cannot be reconsidered.
    6. A student who fails twice in the same class will not be permitted to continue his/her studies in the school.
    7. Admission to class XI will be according to the rules of eligibility and progress in class X. The final decision of the choice of stream for every student will be that of the school authorities.