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  • An ISO 9001: 2008 CERTIFIED SCHOOL

St. Michael's Sr. Sec. School

Recognized by the Deptt. of Education Delhi vide No. F.Zone-28 (w)/4853-D.D.E (cd) 450 and affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education vide No. CBSE/Affiliated 2730089/Ex-01131-2021/2020-21/


To reach out to every section of the society, irrespective of the class, caste or creed, and provide equal opportunities to all to have access to good education.

To work on the principles of  'SAHODAY SYSTEM OF EDUCATION' which aims at rising together through.


  • Personalized Education
  • Activity - Oriented Education
  • Practical Work Experience
  • Building of Social Awareness
  • Community Service

To work for the common endeavour to share which is the national objective as envisaged in the Preamble of our Constitution.


The mission of the school is to provide a challenging and supportive environment, to inspire a love of learning and build confidence and self esteem in our students The school also encourages self discipline, creativity, independence of thought and tenacity of purpose with the understanding that both success and failure are necessary for learning.
Meeting the knowledge explosion head on, the school has put in place modern processes of learning, yet retaining all that is beneficial of the Indian ethos.


The motto of the school is


When translated in English, it means, ‘Lead us from ignorance to truth; lead us from darkness to light and lead us from death to life’. This reflects the spirit and the philosophy of St. Michael’s. Imparting knowledge and wisdom, instilling moral values, an ability to distinguish between right and wrong, emphasising on teamwork and preparing a child for his or her quest in life, these are the processes that have taken on a whole new meaning at St. Michael’s.


The fundamental purpose of education is to encourage the children to bring about a positive modification in their behaviour as they ascend the ladder of knowledge through learning.Over the last few decades, everything has changed with the all pervasive intervention of technology. Hence, our classrooms haven’t remained untouched by technology. Eminent educationalists and experienced staff equipped with smart classrooms, are supporting these students day in and out, in gearing up for life. The canvas of our co-curricular activities is large, varied and hands on with productive creative experiences. Our school aims at creating well grounded, confident individuals who willingly contribute towards the well-being of the country and the world at large. Our endeavour is thus to make the students aware that a disciplined environment contributes to the achievement of one’s goal.